Jubilee Dry Cleaners

A reliable DRY CLEANER and LAUNDERETTE for taking care of your wardrobe.

Price List

Standard coat Coat 3/4
Down filled jacket Rain coat
Anorak Fur Fab
Fur Fab 30 – 34 Fur Fab > 34
Suede and Leather Cleaning
Trousers Jacket
Skirt Skirt, long
Dress Coat
Sweater Waistcoat
Cardigan Gloves
Hat Tie
Racing leathers Shorts
Skin Rug, single Skin Rug, double
Service Wash
Wash, small Wash large
Steam press, small Steam press, large
Bed Linen
Sheet single Sheet double
Sheet king size Sheet super king size
Sheet single fitted Sheet double fitted
Sheet king size fitted Sheet super king size fitted
Pillow Pillow case
Frilled Pillow case Bolster case
Duvet single Duvet double
Duvet king size Duvet super king size
Sleeping Bags Duvet cover single
Duvet cover Double Duvet cover king size
Duvet cover super king size Valance single
Valance double Valance king size
Blanket single Blanket double
Blanket king size Bed spread king size
Bed spread single (PL) Bed spread double (PL)
Repairs, Alterations & Tailoring
Shorten/Lengthen hem Original jeans hem
Hem with lining Taper legs
Zip jeans New zip
Take in/ Let out waist Repair seat/ crutch
Replace lining Replace pocket
Shorten/Lengthen hem Shorten hem pleated
Let out / take in waist Replace lining
New zip
Coat & Jacket
Shorten jacket hem Shorten jacket sleeves
Shorten coat sleeves Lengthen jacket sleeves
Lengthen coat sleeves Take in / let out sides seams
Narrow shoulder at armhole Change pads
Replace jacket lining Replace coat lining
New zip Shorten sleeves from shoulder
Square back neck
Shorten / lengthen hem Shorten sleeves
Lift shoulders – reset sleeves Take in / let out sides
Shorten straps Replace pads
New zip Replace lining
Shirts & Blouses
Shorten sleeves with cuffs Shorten sleeves from armhole
Take in sides, armhole to hem Shorten plain hem
Replace pads Re-stitch buttons
Waist coat let out
Shoe Repair Experts
Ladies Heel Shoe Repair
Normal Semi Large
Large Heels & Bulid up
Large mens size Leather Heels
Heels up to 3/4′ small metal Toes and heel
Toes small Charge build up
Gents Shoe Repair (Heels)
Rubber Very Large
Rubber 1/4 iron Leather 1/4 iron
Commando heel Trainers
Toes & heels Toes & only
Charge build up
Ladies Shoe Repair (Sole)
Rubber Soles Leather Soles
Stick on sole Stick on sole & heel
Rubber heel & sole full size Toes & heel [PL]
Leather sole & heel [PL]
Gents Shoe Repair (Soles)
Leather sole only Leather sole & rubber heel
Leather sole & rubber heel 1/4 iron Leather sole & leather heel with 1/4 rubber
Stick on sole Rubber sole & rubber heel [PL]
Rubber sole, leather heel & 1/4 rubber [PL]
Dress, short sleeves Long dress
Small silk dress (PL) Normal silk dress (PL)
Formal Dress
Evening dress Cocktail
Elaborate cocktail Wedding dress
Wedding 250 – 500 Wedding 500 – 750
Wedding 750 – 1000 Communion dress
Ball gown Fancy ball gown
Party dress Silk dress (PL)
small Silk dress (PL)
Furniture Covers
Small chair cover Chair cover
Chair cover medium Chair cover large
Chair cover EX large Large Sofa cover
Arm cover Cusion cover silk
Jacket Cleaning
Jacket standard Dinner Jacket
Small Puffer Jacket Blazer jacket
Velvet Jacket 3/4 puffa jacket
Ski Jackets (PL)
Carpet & Rug Cleaning
2 seater sofa 3 seater sofa
Armchair Dining chair
Half length curtains Full length curtains
Shorten & lengthen Car seat
Carpet cleaning (minimum £60)
Suit Cleaning for Women
2 piece suit 3 piece suit
Evening suit 2 piece morning suit
3 piece morning suit Skirt and Jacket
Dress and jacket Tracksuit
Jumpsuit Linen suit
Suit press only (PL)
Standard blouse Silk blouse
Shirt (D/C) Body
T-shirt Vest top
Sweat shirt waist coat
Light knit wear Knit wear Cashmere
knit wear heavy Knit wear coat
Standard trousers Corduroy trousers
Moleskin trousers Jeans
Shorts Culottes
Ski trousers (PL) Shortening (PL)

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